Predicting Soccer Attendances-part 1

Is it possible to predict the attendances in the professional English Football League ?

Well in order to aid in my learning process and feed my passion for Data Science, i have started a Personal Project, to try and answer that very question. As a lifelong Northampton Town supporter, season ticket holder, and someone who loves football, what better way to learn, than to do it in conjunction with my passion for Soccer!!

This is part one of a new series of blogs, that will chart the journey of my project, and which i hope will help others in relation to Data Science.

So lets get started....

Now with all good projects, is a good plan. So what is our plan ? What is the "Data Science Process" that will take me from nothing, to building up a dataset containing relevant measurable information/features, that can then be used to model and evaluate, with the aim of then predicting the attendances of future football matches ?

Well here are my suggested phases or steps of the project ...

1. Business / Data Understanding

2. Data Acquisition

3. Data Preparation/Wrangling

4. Data Modelling and Evaluation

In the next instalment of the blog series, lets go into more detail on those steps.

In the meantime, enjoy "using Data Science" !!

Part 2 : Predicting Soccer Attendances

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